We are looking for corporations and individuals to help support indigent students to participate in our National Academies. Any amount helps deserving students participate. All donations are handled through LAPSEN and should be tax-deductible (be sure to check with a tax expert).

The full cost of sending a student to an academy runs around $2,500 for travel, tuition and expenses. Scholarships can be in any amount. 100% of all money donated is directly entered in the student’s account. 

Corporate sponsors will be listed on both the National Academy site as well as on the LAPSEN site. 

Scholarships can be established to honor someone living or passed. What a great way to honor someone retiring from service in Law and Public Safety than to continue their legacy through the next generation of public servants. Establishing a memorial scholarship is also a great way to remember someone who served and has passed. 

Organizers/donors of scholarships can dictate eligibility and select from applicant pools if they like. 

To establish an National Academy scholarship email 

National Academy of Law & Justice Student Application Deadline








Stay Informed!

Keep updated as new academy registrations are opened, deadlines approach, scholarships are offered and for general updates.